Access Control Systems

Easily Control Critical Entry Points Across Single or Mulitple Buildings

Access control systems allow users to log and monitor the identities of those who enter the property. They can vary widely, from long range vehicle mounted or biometric technologies, to key card systems. Any of these access control systems can be programmed to selectively allow entry to highly-controlled areas such as vaults, data and record centers, and storage facilities.

In its most basic form, a physical access control system provides a software and hardware-based solution to control who is authorized entry to specific locations at specific times. This gives management greater control over their physical security while mitigating the risk associated with issuing mechanical keys to untold numbers of individuals.

Regardless of the system or technology in use, there is no substitute for a high-quality installation, and no compensation for a low-quality installation. At iS3 we see our workmanship and service as our flagship product and fundamental pillars of our philosophy, for which no room for compromise can be made.

Modern access control systems provide organizations with a highly practical set of advanced features and capabilities that go beyond the basic who, where, when controls of more basic legacy systems.

Some examples of these modern features:

  • Intuitive single interface to easily manage multiple geographically separate locations as one seamless system with no custom IT setup required.
  • Native Redundancy provides near 100% fault tolerance.
  • No need to purchase or maintain expensive dedicated server or client computers.
  • System Emergency Lockdown
  • Automated custom reports
  • Email or SMS alerts
  • System Integration between a variety of technology platforms.

As Security Implementation Specialists, iS3 Tech Services has built a proven track record that demonstrates a high level of proficiency in the design, implementation, and service of access control systems of any size or level of complexity, from the most hazardous industrial environments to the most stylish office environments.

Many very large, long established companies in our industry hire us to perform the installation and service of their projects and systems because they have come to recognize our standards of aesthetics and quality far exceed the industry standard.

If your project requires an implementation team with proven, time-tested capabilities in security systems engineering, programming, give iS3 Tech Services a call today. We pride ourselves in our commitment to quality and seamless project delivery.


Integration: The Next Step in Access Control

Learn how access control systems offer a number of advantages immediately after deployment: the convenience of switching to keyless entry, the ability to restrict areas inside a building at granular levels, and the ability to deactivate employee credentials in real time.

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