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IP Video Surveillance Services Across the Southeast USA

With the advent of digital IP video surveillance technology amazing image quality has not only become the new standard, it is only the beginning. With the proper implementation of this new technology, organizations have the ability to more easily and effectively assess and respond to the safety and security conditions of their facilities.

Improve operational security, safety, & risk mitigation

iS3 uses today’s leading technology to provide our clients all-inclusive IP camera monitoring solutions. We begin by teaming up with our customers to evaluate and establish surveillance goals; then, we design and implement a system that will achieve those goals.

  • Advanced Video Analytics
  • Color Video at Night
  • Affordable, Long-Term Offsite Video Storage
  • Real-Time System Health Monitoring

Finally, our security implementation specialists integrate your technology and network infrastructure to secure the system against hackers. We understand the importance of an impenetrable system – one that keeps your videos secure from the outside, yet accessible to you.

iS3 Tech Services works with a host of IP video surveillance technology, including:

  • Wireless Mesh Radio Systems
  • LPR Recognition
  • Video analytics
  • Camera poles
  • Thermal Cameras
  • Cloud storage and Video hosting
  • System Integration
  • Copper and Fiber networks infrastructure
  • Cabling and Conduit Infrastructure

If you need trusted security implementation specialists with expert knowledge on IP video surveillance, call iS3 Tech Services today. We look forward to discussing your project.


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