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The unique security challenges of the educational sector are at an all-time high. At all levels, places of learning have become prime targets for unauthorized access, intrusion and criminality.

Campuses require unlimited student and staff access during school hours, while simultaneously requiring managed access for visitors during the day, and fully restricted access afterhours. It’s a unique challenge, and one we are prepared to tackle for the protection of your students and their learning environment. 

iS3 Tech Services establishes best-in-class solutions to meet the surveillance and access management goals of educational facilities. 

  • Public k – 12
  • Private k – 12
  • Higher Education
  • Charter Schools
  • Special Education

Schools across the Southeast trust us to offer unparalleled service, seamless project management, and industry knowledge to their clients in the educational sector.

Need a solid electronic security experience across all levels of the educational sector? iS3 Tech Services is ready to help. Call us today to discuss your security system project.

Campus Security Systems That You Can Count On

Trusted Solutions For Leading Schools

We maintain a full service engineered systems group consisting of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who specialize in the electronic security and fire alarm industry. The team includes certified personnel, system designers, programmers, IT specialists, and CAD operators who are dedicated to delivering a full complement of design services so you can make an informed decision on what is the best solution for your application.






With years of experience installing complex electronic security systems, iS3 Tech Services is the trusted choice to fortify and protect your facility's sensitive assets.

Our unique capabilities allow us to design, build, and manage every facet of your security system. The end result.... peace of mind for your staff, property & assets. 

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