Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

Providing the Foundation to Determine Your Needs

The Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) is the basis for determining areas of deficiency and the mitigation of threats in any security environment.  Based on a framework used by the federal government, the TVA enables concentric interlocking security measures that provides both needed and suggested measures by expert resources. The TVA is catered to you and provides the needed information that establishes a secure environment for your future.

To truly know where your security parameters stand currently, the Threat and Vulnerability Assessment takes the guesswork out of this process and provides you with the tools to adapt to this ever changing need.

Some of the facets included in the TVA are as follows:

  • Threat History and Future Probabilities of Hostile Actions
  • Emergency Actions for Hostile Intent
  • Entry/Exit Control Points
  • Use of IT resources, presentation of deficiencies, suggested assets for improvement
  • Perimeter and Stand-Off/Clear Zones
  • Security Checkpoints
  • Hazard Areas (Mitigation/Protections)
  • Review of Sub-contractors
  • Patron movement control measures and flow processes (entering, exiting, and emergency)
  • Badging and training procedures present
  • Review of current Security personnel and procedures
  • Establishment of Standard Operating Procedures and Training

Being an industry leader in innovation, IS3 Tech Services provides you with all the tools needed to make any environment secure.  Removing the complacency in your environment lowers the risk of a security breach. Reach out to our team to get started on your TVA today!

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We maintain a full service engineered systems group consisting of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who specialize in the electronic security and fire alarm industry. The team includes certified personnel, system designers, programmers, IT specialists, and CAD operators who are dedicated to delivering a full complement of design services so you can make an informed decision on what is the best solution for your application.






With years of design & engineering experience , iS3 Tech Services is the trusted choice.

Our unique capabilities allow us to design, build, and manage every facet of your security system. The end result.... peace of mind for your staff, property & assets. 

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